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Customs Brokerage

TGL has a team of experts in this field, who are committed to provide an appropriate orientation on the legal norms and Ecuadorian customs legislation in force for any operation and customs procedure inherent in international trade activities.

  • Registration as foreign trade operators with Ecuadorian customs SENAE

  • Tariff Classification

  • Imports processes 

  • Advice and obtaining prior import permits

  • Customs clearance services in the customs districts of the main ports and airports of Ecuador.

  • Definitive export (R-40)

  • Processing and approval of the customs export permit ( DAE ) 

  • Processing and approval of certificates of origin and phytosanitary

  • Export formalities

  • Temporary imports (R-20 / R-21)

  • Temporary exports (R-50 / R-51)

  • Re-shipments of cargo

  • Customs commercial warehouses 

  • International fairs

  • Costums clearance for household goods and work tools

Special Regimes
Special Regimes


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